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Contra Costa Public Safety Building

The Public Safety Building and Emergency Operations Center (EOC) for the Contra Costa Office of the Sheriff is completely new construction of a two-story steel frame building with precast concrete wall panels, featuring ballistic rated walls and windows, law enforcement equipment and state of the art technology to keep an entire county up and running in the event of an emergency.

What was initially thought of as a typical signage project, an interior code package with a sprinkling of exterior identity, evolved into much more. From the onset, the project was fragmented and fully developed, including incomplete drawings and bridging documents with no clarity on which would take precedence nor how it aligned with our bid proposal. This lack of clarity, however, helped pave the way ultimately, for a better developed design work order.

Another hurdle was the illuminated monument sign, which took tremendous amounts of internal resources across multiple departments to get the details of this build correct in order to meet client expectations. The Priority Architectural Graphics team conducted numerous meetings with Project Management, Design, Production and Installation before being able to pass drawings to the client. Our team developed the concept of an Installation Pre-Plan through this process. Moving forward, this Pre-Plan will serve multiple departments well and continue to set Priority Graphics up for success.

The “star” of the show for the EOC project was the development, coordination, manufacturing and installation of an 18-foot in diameter multi pieced carved-glass centerpiece in the stairwell. The centerpiece was approximately 7’ diameter and weighed 218 lbs. Our applause to the amazing team at San Soucie. PAG learned many a lesson around this scope, from proper pre-planning to man-power resourcing to rigging equipment, securing on-site staging and up to the minute communication/coordination and with partnering sub-contractors on an active job site.

In the end it all came together beautifully, and Hensel Phelps and the County of Contra Costa were very pleased with the outcome.

Dreyfuss + Blackford Architecture
Hensel Phelps
Year Completed