Plaque Series (PL)

PL Series 100 Deco Finish

Signage plaques that provide wayfinding, information, direction, interpretive information or identity can be conventionally or digitally screenprinted, enameled, cut out, or laminated using a high-pressure process. These processes all yield a flat, non-tactile face that is ideal for conveying messages with colorful backgrounds and highly detailed copy.

PL Series 200 Cast Finish

Cast plaques provide a more traditional look. Our foundries use a sand casting process that leaves letters and bordering raised. Client should note with this process there are limitations to detail and minimum text heights depending on fonts used. Bronze and aluminum are the most common metals used in casting.

PL Series 300 Etched

Etched plaques provide a more contemporary look. Our etchers use both a physical sandblast process and a chemical etch process that leaves letters, logos and borders recessed. Exceptional detail can often be achieved with etching and contrast can be achieved with paint filling. Bronze, stainless steel, zinc and magnesium are the most common metals used in etching.

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