People-Centric Approach

Signage is the ultimate “people-centric” business

From the integrated design elements which draft-off of an architect’s vision to its intricate technical fabrication, careful installation, and inspection by approval authorities and finally to a sign’s utility to those who rely on it to give them direction, signs are all about people.

At Priority, we’ve internalized this truth in our company culture and in everything we do – from our strong client relationships to our careful hiring practices, from our Carpenter’s Union support for signage installation to our longstanding partnerships with regulatory approval authorities such as Lighthouse of the Blind.

We always go “the extra mile” for our clients, whatever it takes. We’re proud that we are sometimes asked to do emergency signage to get a project finished…even when it was a competitor’s project originally.

And our company values around quality and integrity ensure you get high ROI. Our projects are delivered on time and on budget and we always finish the job. Our goal is to exceed our clients’ expectations, 100% of the time.