How We Work

Our projects at Priority Graphics always start and end with our client. We have a laser-focus on client service across all stages of the design, fabrication and delivery process and we like collaborating closely with our client teams. We find it insightful and rewarding. Our finely-tuned production process at Priority begins with discovery, a “deep dive” into our client’s signage needs and concludes with project approval.

1 Discovery / End-User Journey Mapping

We start by understanding our client’s specific needs and requirements including exploring how end users will interact with the signage and use it in practice. We believe this highly “humanistic” approach to needs analysis is critical to the successful design and placement of all architectural signage.

2 Estimating & Permitting

Our estimators then provide detailed, trustworthy quotes to clients based on full project scope and our extensive experience working with fabrication materials and techniques.

We also work closely with our clients to ensure that all documentation is prepared accurately so that necessary permits can be obtained in a timely manner. We have pioneered an internal system for paperwork submittals and documentation which is unrivaled in the industry. Our clients love it, and so do we.

3 Design

We work with our clients to create an original signage design or customize to our client’s specifications an existing template from our extensive design database. We will complete as many sign design iterations as required in partnership with our client teams until we have met (or exceeded) client expectations.

4 Project Management

Our project managers use a proprietary cloud-based software tool to communicate with our clients in real time, sharing current project plans with integrated signage status, notes and questions which streamline communication for real-time collaboration.

5 Fabrication

Our fabrication teams are used to working on tight deadlines. They can expedite signage when necessary to flexibly respond to client schedule changes as well as in emergencies when clients sometimes retain us to complete or improve the work associated with another signage firms’ contract. As fabrication proceeds forward to delivery and installation scheduling, our client teams are kept fully up to date.

6 Installation

Our union installers can mobilize quickly to get signage up so that project schedules are not delayed. We are able to tap into the resource base we now have through the curriculum we helped create for the 40,000 strong Carpenters Training Center for the Northern CA Carpenter's Union Local #22.

7 Documentation/ Certification/Approval

Our proprietary cloud based systems for communicating internally as well as our use of Plangrid in the field allow us to quickly export necessary documentation for clients, design reviewers, and certification and approval authorities.

We are also highly proactive in the way we work. While other signage companies, for example, leave ADA approvals by the Lighthouse for the Blind to the end of a project, we work with LFTB at much earlier stages in the process so that we are assured of successful approvals and completing our projects on time.