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Our Team

Our team at Priority Graphics has been carefully selected and trained to be 100% focused on client service. They are a dedicated group of professionals, smart and creative team players who are talented and experienced in design, fabrication, and installation of signage. We endeavor, whenever possible, to pair our clients with the same estimators and project managers they are familiar with from prior assignments so that their working relationships grow over time.

Priority Graphics is also unique among Bay Area architectural signage firms in working with union-trained installers who are experienced in workplace safety and construction procedures. Our partnership with the Local Carpenter’s Union to create a curriculum for apprentices and journeymen around sign installation techniques and approaches is just one example of our support of our union workforce and partnerships.

Finally, we believe in creating jobs in our community and hire employees from the local Bay Area. We provide fair wages and benefits for all our employees, at all levels and in all roles. Our company culture is collaborative and fun, and our staff have worked together for many years. This team approach is appreciated by our customers, many of whom come to us exclusively for their repeat business. We support our community, and together, we thrive.

Leadership Team

Partnering with Priority

Collaboration is our forte. With our clients, our installers, our partners and within our team. Listen to what Northern California Carpenters Union Local 22 has to say about  their experience working with us…

Working At Priority

Fabrication Manager, Makenna Cook, describes her experience working at Priority Architectural Graphics:


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