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Experience Counts

In construction, experience really matters.

While many may think the planning and execution of signage to be a simple process, those in the business know it is much more complex and lack of timely delivery and installation of signage for any development can be a critical factor delaying project approvals by regulatory authorities.

Within the San Francisco Bay Area, Priority is both well-known and well respected. From its early roots in engraving to now being the San Francisco leader in architectural graphics and signage for the construction industry, Priority Graphics has completed thousands of signage solutions for over 500 clients. The company demonstrates a strong track record of success across public projects (education, transportation, affordable housing, parks & recreation, civic structures) as well as for private developers (commercial office and residential housing).

The longstanding team at Priority Graphics has over two decades of on-the-job experience working in construction signage production for private and public-sector clients, from housing, transportation and government to heath care, retail and education. They streamline the signage design, production and installation process to save their clients valuable time and dollars, avoiding project delays and the need for, and cost of, fixing incorrect signs and/or reinstalling new signage.