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Transportation hubs including subways, bus and train stations, airport terminals and ferry terminals use signage both for accurate wayfinding as well as to bring color and a system of organization to visitors passing through them. Busy commuters need to quickly be able to identify where to go and signage must be able to communicate both quickly, visibly and clearly. Similar to billboards, transportation hub signage must be able to deliver a message “at a glance” making not only signage design but also the appropriate placement of signage – critical.

Priority Graphic’s deep experience designing signage for transportation clients is well known in the Bay Area. Priority Graphics know how to work closely with contractors and construction firms to create signage plans which effectively capture visitor attention quickly and provide the exact information needed in that specific instant. For example, when a person arrives at an airport and exits the plane, visitors need to know what direction to head for the baggage claim area, and where the restrooms are and first-rate signs keep pedestrian traffic flowing at a brisk pace, ensuring that travelers are able to make their connections and reach their destination on time.

Transportation Case Studies