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EPA Center: An Arts Center in East Palo Alto

EPA Center is a new-construction, creative youth center in East Palo Alto, CA and the first Arts Center in this part of the Bay Area. It will serve as a space for youth to amplify their arts and design talents during and after school and throughout the summer.

The facility was built to LEED Platinum standards and designed in a way to promote sustainable use of the building as well. Part of Priority Architectural Graphic’s project scope were creating signs designed to alert occupants with a green light when the HVAC is not in use so windows can be opened to let in fresh air without wasting energy via heat or air conditioning.

A lot of the EPA Center’s signage is built at very specific angles – matching the incline of stairs, wrapping walls, matching angled light fixtures – so site surveys were mandatory for many of the facility’s signs. And being an art-centric facility, our team understood the critical importance that signage angles were perfectly executed since creative users will likely notice any imperfection or inconsistency in design and fabrication.

Atelier Cho Thompson
Year Completed