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City of Millbrae Recreation Center: A Sustainable Community Mecca for All

Written by: Juliana Choy Sommer
Published: September 25, 2023
Category: Featured Clients

The City of Millbrae hired Priority Architectural Graphics to design, fabricate and install the new branded metal exterior signage for this new community centerpiece.

This new 23,000 square-feet Recreation Community Center was built at the site of the former community center that was destroyed by a fire in 2016. The facility includes an events room preschool and game rooms, fitness center, lounge area for seniors and parking area and is built to be fully-sustainable, 100% electric and net zero in energy use due to solar panels installed in the rooftop.

The Priority Graphic’s scope of work for this project consisted of designing and manufacturing stainless steel dimensional channel letters with a #4 horizontal brushed finish.

During the course of the project, our team determined that it was necessary to increase the overall length of the sign as well as the spacing in between each letter within the sign. Our team explained the rationale to our client and coordinated with our production team during the manufacturing process. Our production team informed us that in order to install the sign properly, there would be a very small gap between the edge/perimeter of the letters and the removable backer. Our team was able to share a photo (below image) with the client which was subsequently approved, and the project proceeded forward seamlessly.


Project Manager Jean Sanchez notes, “In the course of the company’s history, Priority Architectural Graphics has designed, manufactured and installed hundreds of signs for government facilities in the Bay Area. The Millbrae project was yet another example of terrific client-contractor collaboration for which we are well known. I’m proud to have worked with our team to complete yet another successful public sector signage project.”

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