The Sad Loss of a Team Member: Mica

Written by: Juliana Choy Sommer
Published: June 25, 2018
Category: The Inside Scoop

On June 11, 2018 Priority Graphic’s beloved shop dog, Mica Sommer passed peacefully at the age of 17.

Mica was the dog of President Juliana Choy Sommer and her husband, Michael Sommer.  They adopted Mica at the age of 2 from San Francisco Animal Care and Control and together, Juliana and Michael provided Mica a loving life together.

Mica came to the office every workday.  She kept a busy daily schedule of checking in with all her colleagues, actively begging for treats and leftovers and looking forward to her afternoon walk about the neighborhood.  Mica greeted all customers, vendors and delivery drivers with her signature smile and snoot-kisses.  Mica was always a presence during company meetings, huddles and breaks.  Her active lifestyle and daily activity kept her mobile all the way up to her last day.

Mica is and will be dearly missed by the entire Priority Graphics family.  She brought joy, peace, calm and levity to our lives and we now have a piece missing from our hearts.  We love you, Mica!

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