Juliana Choy Sommer Joins Panel at San Francisco City Hall’s Advocacy Day

Written by: Juliana Choy Sommer
Published: March 7, 2018
Category: Latest News

Earlier in March 2018, Priority Architectural Graphic’s Owner and Founder, Juliana Choy Sommer, helped represent small business owners at the break out forum, “Doing Business In & With the City” which was hosted as part of Advocacy Day hosted by City Hall in San Francisco.

Juliana joined three other panelists including Regina Dick-Endrizzi, Director of San Francisco’s Office of Small Business, Stephanie Tang, Contract Compliance Officer at San Francisco’s Contract Monitoring Division and Stephan Mayer from S.D. Mayer & Associates and the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce.

Juliana describes the three reasons she is so pleased to be doing business in San Francisco and to be a San Francisco-based business at Priority Graphics.

  • San Francisco’s welcoming spirit of diversity to immigrants launching new and family-based businesses
  • A great pool of local employees for hiring talent
  • The city of San Francisco’s commitment to using local business in government contracts and policies supporting a rich ecosystem of local businesses

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