How to Install Almost 2,000 Signs in 1,000 MFH Housing Units in 30 Days

Written by: Juliana Choy Sommer
Published: June 14, 2023
Category: Featured Clients

Priority Architectural Graphics is proud to have supported the expansion of affordable and market rate housing across the Bay Area for almost 30 years. Our team is dedicated to quality design, fabrication and installation of interior and exterior commercial signs for our housing clients. Our depth and breadth of experience with both supportive and market rate housing signage packages has strengthened our reputation in the Bay Area for delivering on-time and on-budget projects for multi-family housing developers and contractors from the East Bay to the South Bay, in San Francisco to Silicon Valley.

In the month of May 2023 alone, our housing project work included signage installations across the bay area including sites in Alameda, Hayward, San Francisco and Vallejo.  Projects included Dignity Moves and Mission Rock Parcel A with Swinerton Builders, Hotel Diva with Fine Line Construction, Hunters Point Shipyard with Lennar, Balboa Park Family Apartments Cahill and Depot Road with Cahill, and Sacramento Street Apartments with Roberts Obayashi, among other projects.

In one month, we installed 1914 signs across almost 1,000 housing units.

Balboa Park:

3398 Dignity Moves:

2146 Hotel Diva:

1282 HP Shipyard Block 52:

2595 Depot Road:

2790 Sacramento Street Apartments:

Mission Rock Parcel A:

Priority Installation Manager John Choe explains:

Installing this many signs across 8 project sites is a logistical challenge, for sure. Each project requires a good set of drawings, and all the necessary information, a message schedule in good order, a nice clear sign location plan, and ALL the elevations for every sign type. Working off tablets is a must, and it certainly beats ‘the good old days’, lugging around a 36”x48” set of drawings that weighed about a ton, plus spending hours the night before tabbing up the submittals and drawings for quick access, and all the pens and highlighters! Nothing beats the speed of tapping/dragging on a screen to capture all your info at lightning speed with today’s tablets’ processing power.  Organizing all the signs into some type of order is also a must, as you can spend more time looking for the sign than the time installing it.  I really enjoy what I do, so I try my best to install signs each time, even better than the last time.  I never think about the quantity of signs either since I usually use the same approach. I plan the next day before I leave the shop, working with and collaborating with the team.  I look for the most efficient method to complete my work depending on the job in front of me.   With each sign I finish, my excitement grows and motivates me to work faster and faster. This gives me a sense of accomplishment and purpose.  And one more thing, a quad espresso first thing in the morning really helps!

Company President Juliana Choy Sommer adds:

“Priority Architectural Graphics is proud and excited to support any construction efforts around new housing in the Bay Area.  We recognize the need for new and affordable housing, from supportive to market rate. All types of housing projects require on-time completion.  The Priority team always delivers complete signage packages that successfully take our clients to the certificate of occupancy (TCO). This is our guarantee to all of our clients.  Our project managers are invaluable guides about how best to reach TCO for each specific project.  These sorts of recommendations are client-driven, and client focused. For example, we’ve advised clients to bifurcate the evacuation map process from the wayfinding submittal process to mitigate risk. We also know that a major difference between market-rate versus supportive housing projects is in the level of administrative support they benefit from.  Because of this, we always provide our clients with what is required, administratively, to close out supportive housing projects efficiently.  From HUD reporting to LCP tracking, to Section 3 and DIR requirements, Priority supports our clients, start-to-finish, with filing of all necessary documentation.”

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