Creating Works of Art for Google: Sanaz Mazinani Shines in Collaboration with Priority Architectural Graphics

Written by: Juliana Choy Sommer
Published: February 19, 2019
Category: Featured Clients

At Priority Architectural Graphics, we love getting asked to participate in creative works of art, especially in partnership with talented artists like Sanaz Mazinani. Of Iranian descent, Mazinani works out of studios based in both Toronto and San Francisco and her work focuses on global conflicts and how these are portrayed through the media and perceived by North American audiences.

In 2018, Mazinani was asked to develop an art installation for the Google offices in Mountain View and for production, partnered with us to produce her work “Infinite Tessellation”. Inspired by Google’s expansive search engine, Sanaz Mazinani combines ideas of technological dissemination and the fracturing of a multilayered reality to create the installation, Infinite Tessellation. Sitting against a sea of blue, a multitude of over one thousand two hundred reflective geometric fragments inspire a way of building unity and order within the universe free of figure and representation. Over time diffusion expands and opens the search for what is beyond that which we cannot see.

In order to produce the final product, we cut pieces of acrylic which were then the “pattern pieces” for the mirrors used to create the final piece:

Mazinani is fascinated by the differences in perception that define how two individuals experience the same object. Her mirrored pieces also seek to directly involve the viewer in the piece of art so that when a viewer looks at the piece, they simultaneously see themselves and hence are immediately associated, engaged and more involved with the subject.

The final piece of art was installed in the Google headquarters building in 2018 and was an instant success with Google employees.

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